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Black Balled Beauty’ Hair store opened in November of 2020 in North Carolina with the intent of creating a retail space that caters to Black-Owned hair and beauty brands. The highly experience cosmetologist and entrepreneur noticed how difficult it was to find these types of products in large chain stores and wanted to find a way to get products that nurtured Tisdale’s client’s hair. It started with Tisdale holding space in her salon for products her clients needed to them opening the imperative beauty supply that is crucial to the Black community.

The meaning behind us choosing the name Black Balled Beauty directly connects to the lack of black owned beauty supply stores or any kind of lack of representation of Black people in the ownership of beauty and haircare products that are made for or marketed towards Black people. For beauty supply stores specifically, it is more common to see Asian owners, but the disparity lies in the fact that the support that we give vs what we receive from that community; it is highly unbalanced. The global hair care market valued amounted to be about 85.5 billion dollars and is expected to grow to 102 billion dollars by 2024. How many beauty supply stores do you know of that go out business in your communities? Not many, because they are needed, but we are supporting people that do not pour back into that community. The black dollar has suffered because of lack of access and opportunity that has been held within other communities. We’re doing our best to unlock that provide a platform for others in the beauty world to create a path to generational wealth as well